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Writing Anew – The Elephant in the Room – What’s this blog even for?

This is my first blog back – and it’s about how I plan to write blogs more regularly! Life’s been busy and time has swept away, but I’ve missed writing and want to return to it. How can we use the SMART tool to understand what stops me, or helps me, to write better?

Why I have restarted a Stoic Journaling Practice

I’ve picked up my habit of journaling, using ‘The Daily Stoic’. Here’s why I’ve done it, and why I recommend complementing a journaling practice with stoicism.

Travelling Light On The Road To A Minimalist Lifestyle.

Packing for holidays is an exercise in minimalism with a fun slant – taking only what you need and then, what you want to be spending your holiday time doing.
What about what you left at home? Read on to find out about how packing light can easily get you onto the road to a minimalist lifestyle.

An Imposter On Holiday

The constant nag to work and strive is something I and others struggle with in our busy and fast paced lives. Holidays are the supposed to be the cure, but this time, I’ve found that gratitude and slow living are more restorative than just taking time away. Read on to find learn more.

Can We Use Digital Technologies to Alleviate Loneliness in Hospitals?

The hospital I am working in is rapidly embracing digital tech to prepare for Covid-19. I wrote a blog, published online with the BMJ, to highlight that there are still some important areas, for example at the end of life, in which we need to improve communication. I am very excited to have had some of my writing featured!!

Have a ‘Dice Day’.

A ‘Dice Day’ is a fun way to get more stuff done in your day. Read on to find out what it is!

My attempt to correlate lifestyle factors with blood glucose using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM).

If someone offered you an opportunity to take a peek under the hood of your engine, would you take it? A chance to see the ebb and flow of the body’s physiology throughout the day? To observe the dynamic changes the body’s systems undergo while trying to maintain a steady homeostasis?
That’s exactly what I’m trying to do by using a Continuous Glucose Monitor!

Medical Musings – Respiratory Medicine – FY1

Starting to work as a junior doctor was a challenging period. During my time working in Respiratory medicine, I worked hard, saw happiness, love, sadness, life and death. Here’s my account of it.

The Barefoot (Not-)Running Experiment

I’ve been struggling with ankle pain. This is my process to unwrap and understand it – anatomy, biomechanics and psychology.


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