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My name is Dr Rory Heath.

I graduated from Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School in 2018.

During my medical studies I completed a BSc. in Physiology at King’s College London.

I’ve spent the previous two years working as a doctor in the South West of England.

Now, I have the chance to take a year away from hospital medicine to develop my other interests and pursuits.

What I write about

I write about many things that interest me and a relevant to my position in my life and career.

Human Health, Performance and Resilience is an overarching term that translates to maximising our ability to lead fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

We want to Perform well at work, our hobbies and in physical pursuits.
We want to maximise our Resilience so that we can push our boundaries.
Prioritising Health allows us to perform well for as long as possible.

As my medical career evolves, I’m also interested in learning about Work and Lifestyle Design. This is a tough field to navigate as a doctor, but I hope we’ll learn about this together.

Here are some of things I like to write about:

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